Volunteering with St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation!

Recently my friend asked me to help her with the St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation booth at the Ukrainian Festival.  The 19th annual Ukrainian Festival took place in the Bloor West Village from September 12th – 14th 2014.

Here are a few photos I took during the festival:
Festival Photo

The St. Joe’s booth was set up in the heart of the festival, which generated great awareness for the booth.  The booth’s purpose was to raise awareness of the foundation and the upcoming community events organized by the foundation.  We were helping to promote their Cycle 4 St. Joe’s event and the Toronto West Halloween Fest.  Many people approached the booth to share their experiences with St.Joe’s.  It was extremely heart warming to see how St. Joe’s has had such a large impact on the people in the community.  From stories about the birth of their children at St. Joe’s to the stories of how impactful the doctors were, it truly made me understand the bond that this hospital had with its community.

Overall, I had a great time volunteering with St. Joe’s and I definitely would do it again.  My friends and I had an awesome time speaking to people in the community and I’m happy to support such a great foundation!

BxcBsuNCAAEYZaq.jpg large

For more information, visit these links St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation & Toronto Ukrainian Festival!

Until the next volunteer opportunity…all the best!



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