It’s National Volunteer Week!

It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada!  This is a time where volunteers across Canada are recognized and celebrated for their hard work and dedication to supporting important causes and making a difference!  For more information, visit

In November, I volunteered at the Southlake Foundation gala!  It was so nice to receive this in the mail from them today:


It was nice to feel recognized and appreciated! I especially liked the personal touch with the signatures from the staff at Southlake.

Many different charities also came out with videos to thank their volunteers.  Here are a few:

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Evergreen Canada

United Way

Another great aspect of this campaign, is the “Volunt-HEAR Hotline” where people can call in, thank their volunteers, and their recording will be posted on! You can also join the conversation, and thank your volunteers on Twitter by using the hashtag #NVW2014!

On behalf of HSFYork, we thank our general members and volunteers for their support throughout the school year.  Our success wouldn’t be possible without them!

All the best,



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