What Ignited My Philanthropy

If you look back at your life, your dream career was always there.

This was one of the best self-reflecting quotes I’ve heard at an event, because it’s true.  I was always torn between going into business or teaching – neither did I actually love.  I eventually decided to go into marketing, which was something I definitely enjoyed.  It wasn’t until I started my first internship at the Heart & Stroke Foundation, did I realize that I loved working for a charity.

heart and stroke foundation, volunteerism, philanthropist

My first HSF event during my internship.

After completing my internship and going back to school, I realized how much I enjoyed it.  Not only because it involved event planning and marketing, but because the work I was doing was making a difference and having an impact in the community.  The next summer, I decided to complete another internship at the Heart & Stroke Foundation, but this time focusing on marketing.  I LOVED it even more!  This time, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do in my future career.  But why didn’t I realize this earlier?  It was until I heard that particular quote at the event, that I then realized it was always right in front of me.

Looking back, I’ve always enjoyed volunteering and fundraising.  When I was younger, I’d strive to be the top fundraiser for Jump Rope for Heart.  In addition, I would volunteer at camps, bake sales, fundraisers, school events and I went above and beyond for my high school volunteer hours.  I would even donate to every charity box I saw lying around in stores.  This is how I found my passion for philanthropy.  My advice – open your eyes & reflect, your dream career is right in front of you.



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